Gold Shoes for Women (274.027)
Gold Shoes for Women (274.027)
Gold Shoes for Women (274.027)
Gold Shoes for Women (274.027)

Gold Shoes for Women (274.027)

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Imported Brazilian made Footwear

Technology used in Piccadilly:

-Dry System:
reduces the feeling of moisture. Insole has holes and channels to provide better ventilation and air circulation, increasing the feeling of comfort.

-Super Comfortable Foot Shape.
Exclusive technology to prevent tightening and make your feet more comfortable. Smart design provides the maximum in comfort from the heel to the tips of the toes.

- Exclusive Insoles.
It's like walking in the clouds as walking never felt so good. Special materials, Cushioning and shock absorption, antimicrobial treatment to prevent odors, reducing the natural moisture of the feet, everything your feet deserve.

- Silent Heel.
Firm steps without noise. The technology that absorbs impacts and reduces the noise of the heel when walking. Heel without attachment joint, always ensuring a stable, silent stride.

- Maxi-Therapy.
Total well-being for your feet. Feeling of freedom when you walk. Your body thanks you. With women's well-being in mind, Piccadilly offers the maximum in comfort with Maxi-Therapy shoes.

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